The Voice of French Camp Academy

WFCA is a Christian music and broadcast radio station based in French Camp, Mississippi. WFCA is a non-profit organization and support ministry of French Camp Academy.

Our Beginning

Former FCA president H. Richard Cannon had the idea for the radio station while on a mission field trip to New Guinea, and in 1984, FCA launched WFCA-FM.

Our "Mr. Warbucks"

Soon after taking the administrative reins at French Camp Academy, Mr. Rich Cannon (FCA President from 1977-2003) approached the FCA Board of Trustees with the idea of starting a radio station. Though funds were not available and only a few board members were interested, his persistence in prayer and vision to allow young people to build vocational experience while reaching out with Christian hope to a hurting world won the day. The cost for a radio license was $17,500, an amount the school did not have. Once Mr. Cannon relayed the need to teachers and students, everyone on campus began praying. When the mail was opened later that day, a note from a dear lady donating $17,500 to help with immediate needs was received. According to Mr. Cannon, “I knew then that the Lord wanted us to build the radio station here. That’s the way things happen at the school.”

Our Mission

WFCA exists to proclaim the good news of God’s love through music and message while supporting the ministry of French Camp Academy.