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Vendors for FM 108 Day

We are looking for unique vendors for FM 108 Day October 1st.  If you would like details and information contact Glen Barlow at 662-547-6414.


Muslin Doctor Loses Home

A Muslim doctor lost his home and his practice in Pakistan and is now living as an asylum-seeker in the United States after receiving death threats for helping save the life of a Christian patient.


AFA Urges Boycott of Target

The American Family Association, the group behind the large-scale boycott against Target for its transgender bathroom policies, has warned parents to keep their children away from the retail giant for back-to-school shopping.


French Priest Last Words to ISIS Attackers

As hundreds of people attended the funeral on Tuesday for Rev. Jacques Hamel, the French priest killed by Islamic State supporters, the archbishop of Rouen revealed Hamel’s last words as he tried to push away his attackers: “Go away, Satan.”


Chinese Officials Have Warned Christian Parents

Chinese officials have warned Christian parents that if they continue to take their children to churches not approved by the government, their offspring will be banned from attending college or serving in the military, and will face legal action. According to a report from China Aid, a local government office in China’s central Guizhou province last month delivered the chilling ultimatum to parents who attend house churches. After the notice was issued, members of Huaqiu Church were forced to sign …Read More


Vietnamese Pastors Imprisioned

Dozens of Vietnamese pastors who refused to comply with government orders to consolidate their unregistered house churches into a single, officially approved church have been imprisoned for their faith and are at risk of being poisoned. According to a report from Christian Aid Mission, at least 108 pastors are currently imprisoned because they refused to register or combine their churches despite pressure from local officials. Churches regulated by the government are prohibited from meeting in smaller groups: no Sunday school …Read More